Understanding Paving Problems

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4 Ways To Protect A Newly-Poured Parking Lot From Damage


If you own a small business, chances are that you take pride in every aspect of it, including your parking lot. You want to make the best impression possible on your customers, and a parking lot that is damaged will be the first thing that they notice. Here are some ways to protect a newly-poured parking lot from becoming damaged.

Keep The Cement Covered

If you have a relatively small parking lot, you should really try to cover the fresh concrete with concrete blankets. They work by causing the concrete to stay at a high temperature until the material has completely set. The blanket also helps keep others from walking on the concrete until it's ready.

This may not be possible if you have a large parking lot, but the same logic applies to any new surface that you are pouring concrete for. The warmer the temperature, the faster the concrete will set, so be sure to pick a warm day to do it.

Avoid Using Chemical Deicers

An effective way to prevent snow and ice buildup on concrete is with chemical deicers. Unfortunately, the chemicals can wear down the concrete over time. Try using sand if you must have extra traction since it won't damage the surface.

Avoid Storing Heavy Items In The Same Place

You may be using your parking lot for storing heavy items, such as equipment, a dumpster, or service vehicles. When the concrete is new, avoid placing these items in the same place every single day. The excessive weight on a single spot can cause the surface to be damaged because the weight will be focused on a small area. Try to move them around so that weight gets distributed to avoid causing long term damage.

Apply A Parking Lot Sealer

Talk to a concrete contractor about having a sealer applied to the surface of the parking lot once the surface has dried completely. Sealers help protect the surface of the concrete from natural elements that can cause cracks, chips, and other types of damage. The concrete company, such as AAA Paving and Sealing, may even recommend a time frame for when the surface needs to be resealed, since the sealer will wear off eventually.

Not following these steps after having a parking lot poured could result in unintentional damage that cannot be easily reversed. For more tips on how to keep your parking lot looking great, ask a concrete contractor in your area for assistance.


19 April 2016