Understanding Paving Problems

When we started working on finishing our house, I realized we weren't going to be able to take care of the paving on our own. Instead of trying to haul in concrete and hope for the best, I hired a professional paving contractor to come out and help. They were incredible to work with. They listened carefully to our requests, and then they started laying the concrete and leveling the surface. Within a few hours, we had a driveway and front sidewalk that looked incredible. This blog is all about the benefits of working with paving contractors, and understanding the problems you might come up against if you do things on your own.

Need New Sidewalks And Improved Driveways In Your Subdivision? Contact A Paving Company Fast


When you live in a neighborhood full of asphalt driveways, it doesn't make sense for people to spend money replacing and repairing concrete sidewalks. If the concrete sidewalks are uneven, cracked, damaged and ugly, it's time to improve the subdivision. Instead of using concrete again, it's time to consider making a change to asphalt sidewalks to benefit the community. You also want to encourage the property owners to have their driveways sealcoated at the same time to improve the appeal and home values in the neighborhood. Talk with your neighbors and the homeowners association about these things.

Homeowner Obligation

The obligation of repairing the sidewalks is most likely up to the homeowners around the neighborhood, and that's why often the sidewalks don't get fixed. The homeowners either don't know it's up to them, don't want to pay, or are just too lazy to take the time to get in touch with a company that can help with the changes that are needed. 

Getting a group rate from an asphalt company to do the demolition of the concrete and application of new asphalt may be the most affordable option for all the homeowners, and the easiest way to solve the problem. This is something that may be able to pass with a majority vote.

Safety and Aesthetic Improvements

The asphalt is ideal because there are no seams, so you don't have to worry about falling on cracks, having a bumpy ride, or tripping. The asphalt is a smooth surface that is enjoyable for walking, running, riding bikes, scooters and more. It is also visually appealing, and will look great when people are driving around.

Asphalt is Low Maintenance

Unlike concrete, asphalt is easy to maintain. This material adjusts to temperature changes to prevent cracking and shifting, and blemishes can easily be filled in and covered over the years. It doesn't have to be removed and replaced when there is a problem, and instead you want to have it sealed every few years for maintenance.

If all the sidewalks around your home are damaged and it's become very difficult for you to go for a walk, ride bikes or do anything else, it's time to talk with the people that you live around and your homeowners association about getting new asphalt sidewalks put in like a path around the homes. This can add value to the properties, and make the neighborhood more enjoyable. Home owners can also use the opportunity to have their driveways done as well if needed.

Contact a local driveway repair business to learn more.


1 August 2018