Understanding Paving Problems

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How To Prepare Your Business Parking Lot For Freezing Temperatures


Winter is quickly approaching and before the snow and ice begins to collect outside, you should make sure you and your business parking lot are ready. Your customers need a safe area to park and travel across and your asphalt parking lot needs to be protected from winter's damage. Here are some recommendations to keep your asphalt parking lot protected and maintained for winter weather.

Complete Fall Repairs

Preventative maintenance to your parking lot can be completed during fall, which usually provides sunny, mild, and dry weather perfect for repairing your asphalt parking lot. This is a good opportunity to also apply new parking lot striping, if necessary.

Inspect your parking lot to look for damage in the form of cracking and graying to the asphalt's surface. Then, talk to an asphalt professional about filling any potholes and cracks, then installing a sealcoating layer. Sealcoating will restore the surface of your parking lot and help protect it from snow melt and ice damage from freeze-thaw patterns that can occur over winter. When you remove any cracking damage it will also eliminate any uneven and raised surface areas that can lead to additional asphalt damage when the snow plow runs over them.

Arrange for a Snow Removal Service

Next, you want to arrange for snow removal services for your parking lot and sidewalk if you live in an area of the country that has any snow fall. You can hire a commercial snow removal company, or talk to a landscape company that may provide this service during winter. In fact, if you are using a landscaper for your business, talk to them about a winter contract and a possible discount for their services.

Talk to them about safe snow melt products they can use on your parking lot of your asphalt. This may include their using magnesium chloride for safe use around vegetation or sand to aid with traction.

Use Position Markers

Before the first snowfall arrives, you may need to mark with stakes on your parking lot and its surrounding landscaped areas for any decorative curbing, parking lot blocks or markers, and other items that might get in the way of the snow plow. After a snowfall, it can be difficult for a plow driver to see where the pavement ends and your decorative edging begins.

Place reflective-topped stakes into the ground at any locations where you want to mark the edges of your parking lot. If your parking lot markers are plastic, point out their position to your plow driver beforehand. Also make sure it is written into your snow plow service contract for coverage to any parking lot damage if it occurs. Many snow plow companies can use a rubber snow plow blade edge or position the blade slightly above the pavement surface to prevent their harming any part of your parking lot. Contact a parking lot maintenance service for more help.


17 December 2018