Understanding Paving Problems

When we started working on finishing our house, I realized we weren't going to be able to take care of the paving on our own. Instead of trying to haul in concrete and hope for the best, I hired a professional paving contractor to come out and help. They were incredible to work with. They listened carefully to our requests, and then they started laying the concrete and leveling the surface. Within a few hours, we had a driveway and front sidewalk that looked incredible. This blog is all about the benefits of working with paving contractors, and understanding the problems you might come up against if you do things on your own.

Asphalt Ideas for Your Landscape


Most homeowners think about asphalt in the form of driveways, parking areas, or boat launches if you are near the water. There are many other ways you can use asphalt in your home landscape. If you are considering some landscaping upgrades, here are a few ways to use asphalt to achieve those goals.  

Glowing Asphalt Walkway

Sometimes having a lighted path from your car to your front or side door may not be possible. This can be due to finding the right placement of the lights or finding lights that give enough light casting to your walk path. One way to give you a lighted path and to avoid the placement of path lights is to go with a glowing asphalt walkway. This is an asphalt technique made with traditional asphalt and commercial grade glow stones. The glow stones become activated with sunlight and glow at night. This glow gives a warm light to your path and helps you see where you are going in the darkest nighttime conditions.

Asphalt Trenches

When you have a driveway or walkway placed, you likely will need to have trenches placed as well. These trenches can be open or grated. The trenches need to run alongside the pathway or the driveway and need to allow rain to run off the path or driveway into the trench and away from the residential area. The trenches generally run to the road and help take the rain runoff or water runoff to the neighborhood street gutters or into an area where the water will not stand and will seep into the ground easily.

Waterproofing Garage Floors

The traditional way to waterproof your garage floors is to use an epoxy of some kind. However, many homeowners have started using liquid asphalt to help waterproof flooring in their garage. This type of waterproofing can give you a solid and long-lasting waterproofing option that does not hold stains and that can repel certain spills and garage-related issues. It also makes it easier to work on your car if you do your own oil changes that could cause oil spills and slick or damaged areas from the oil. 

When you are ready to have these upgrades, contact companies such as Northern Asphalt LLC. They can help you with any of the ideas you have and help work with your landscaping design. They can also offer ideas for upgrades in your driveway or with any walkways you have that are asphalt and may be eroding or experiencing issues.


20 October 2020