Understanding Paving Problems

When we started working on finishing our house, I realized we weren't going to be able to take care of the paving on our own. Instead of trying to haul in concrete and hope for the best, I hired a professional paving contractor to come out and help. They were incredible to work with. They listened carefully to our requests, and then they started laying the concrete and leveling the surface. Within a few hours, we had a driveway and front sidewalk that looked incredible. This blog is all about the benefits of working with paving contractors, and understanding the problems you might come up against if you do things on your own.

Five Reasons To Repaint The Stripes In Your Parking Lot


Part of your annual exterior maintenance routine for your business each spring should include restriping the parking lot. The following are just a few reasons why this is a good idea.

1. Pedestrian Safety

One of the most important reasons to re-stripe the lot annually is pedestrian safety, especially in highly trafficked busy lots. Brightly painted crosswalks help alert drivers to those walking through the lot. Often, these crosswalks are the first to fade because they are driven over daily by many cars, which can lead to safety concerns.

2. Regulation Compliance

There are usually a couple of regulations that impact your parking lot, such as the size of spaces and the location of fire lanes. Arguably the most important regulations are the ADA regulations for disabled parking. You will be required to have a certain amount of designated disabled parking spots, which must be placed in an accessible location (usually near a wheelchair ramp). These spots must also be clearly marked with parking lot paint and signage. Even the width of the spot and loading zones neighboring the spot must be of specific sizes.

3. Accident Prevention

Easy to see, freshly painted lot lines help reduce car accidents in your lot. Some of the lines and symbols aren't just for parking but also to direct traffic, such as directional arrows. Other lines may help alert drivers to things like stop signs and speed bumps. The safety and traffic direction striping helps keep drivers alert when they are navigating the lot, as well as working to overcome any driver confusion that could lead to a collision.

4. Curb Appeal

Faded, worn-down parking lot striping is very unattractive. It becomes even worse if the lot has been recently patched or sealcoated so that many of the lines are partially obscured or missing entirely. A freshly striped parking lot looks almost like new, even if the paving is old. Simply restriping the lot is an excellent way to give your business's exterior a quick facelift.

5. Lot Capacity

How you stripe the lot can lead to greater parking capacity. If a lot of your clientele drives smaller cars, then striping for a section of "compact-only" spaces can allow for more customer parking. A mix of diagonal and one-way parking lanes can also increase parking because you won't need to waste space on wide lines to accommodate two-way traffic.

Contact a parking lot striping service if it is time to re-stripe your parking lot.


12 March 2021