Need New Sidewalks And Improved Driveways In Your Subdivision? Contact A Paving Company Fast


When you live in a neighborhood full of asphalt driveways, it doesn't make sense for people to spend money replacing and repairing concrete sidewalks. If the concrete sidewalks are uneven, cracked, damaged and ugly, it's time to improve the subdivision. Instead of using concrete again, it's time to consider making a change to asphalt sidewalks to benefit the community. You also want to encourage the property owners to have their driveways sealcoated at the same time to improve the appeal and home values in the neighborhood.

1 August 2018

Had Your Driveway Repaved With Stamped Concrete? 4 Steps To Protect Your Investment Through The Winter


If you've recently had your driveway repaved with stamped concrete, you've got to practice extreme caution during the winter, especially if you live in an area that's experiencing severe winter weather right now. While stamped concrete is beautiful, it is more susceptible to winter damage, particularly when temperatures dip below freezing. To avoid winter damage to your stamped concrete this winter, here are four safety precautions you should follow. Start the Winter with a Good Sealing

23 January 2018